Dutch-Bangla bank money robbery: 9 crores claimed to be recovered, about 4 crores found.

Of the 11 crore 25 lakh rupees of Dutch-Bangla Bank that was robbed, not about 9 crore rupees, now it is said that about 4 crore rupees have been recovered. Apart from this, seven people arrested in the incident on Thursday were said to be robbers, but six of them were employees of the security company and one was the driver of the car used in the robbery.

On Thursday evening, the Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Intelligence Division (DB) said that they believe that around Tk 9 crore has been recovered from the three recovered trunks. However, the police of Turag police station said on Friday that they got 3 crore 89 lakh 50 thousand taka after calculating the recovered money last night. Apart from this, it is said that three trunks were recovered by the DB yesterday. And today it is being said that the driver of the car used in the robbery went to Khilkhet police station with the trunks after the robbers left.

The robbery happened at around seven in the morning on Thursday in Uttara of the capital. The bandits arrived in a microbus and stopped the vehicle belonging to the security company Money Plant Link (Pvt.) Ltd. At that time they had no weapons. Then one of them, who identified himself as DB, slapped and punched the workers in the car and snatched four trunks full of money and fled. That money was being taken from Mirpur DOHS to Dutch-Bangla Bank’s Savar EPZ booth. Turag Police Station Inspector (Investigation) Shariful Islam told Prothom Alo on Friday afternoon, “One of the three trunks was empty. And one of the two was half empty. In all, 3 crore 89 lakh 50 thousand rupees have been found by counting the money of three trunks.

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Dutch-Bangla bank money robbery

When contacted, Managing Director of Money Plant Link Private Limited, Yashoda Jiban Debnath, who is in charge of money transportation, he told Prothom Alo today, “DB has recovered only 3 crore 89 lakh rupees. I was present at Turag police station at that time (during counting of money). DB Chief Mohammad Haroon Or Rashid said in a press conference yesterday evening that 9 crore rupees have been recovered. Where did the rest of that 9 crore rupees go, asked Yashoda.

Money Plant Company official Yashoda Jeevan also said that there was a manager, an executive officer, a supervisor, an employee, two guards and a driver of Money Plant in the stolen car. They immediately called 999 and drove off to report to Turagh police station. Later in the evening DB took them into their custody.

When asked about the safety of the vehicle, Yashoda Jiban said, “Three vehicles left for cash loading in the morning. The second car unfortunately suffered technical problems en route. The third car had two weapons. It stands with that car. The first car then drove off and was robbed.

How the robbery happened

Based on the information obtained during the interrogation of the driver of the car used in the robbery, several senior officers of the crime department of the DMP gave details of the incident to Prothom Alo today. According to them, the black Hiace microbus used by the robbers was a rented one. The security company Money Plant Link (Pvt.) Ltd carrying the money of the robbers took down four trunks from the car and took them to the microbus. A member of the dacoit gang then tied up the driver and drove the microbus. At this time, the robbers took out some money from the trunk and put it in a separate bag. After that, they took the microbus to various streets of the capital and at one stage stopped at the street next to the elite hotel La Meridien in Khilkshet. There, when they opened the lock to release the driver of the microbus, when the driver screamed, the robbers left three trunks with the microbus and fled. Later the microbus driver drove the microbus with the trunk to his owner at Azimpur. Later the owner and driver took the microbus to Khilkhet police station. Then the driver of the microbus reported these incidents to the police. At that time Yashoda Jeevan Debnath of Money Plant was present there.

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What DMP’s intelligence chief said yesterday

While briefing the media in Khilkhet area on Thursday evening, Detective Chief of DMP Harun Or Rashid said, “We have seized a vehicle used in robbery from Khilkhet. We have recovered about 9 crore rupees in three trunks of the car and the operation is on to recover the rest of the money. Seven people have been arrested in this incident. He also said, “After the interrogation of the arrested people, we will be able to unravel the mystery of the incident.”

Robbery case

Last night Alamgir Hossain, Director of Security Company Money Plant Link (Private) Limited filed a robbery case at Turag police station accusing 10-12 unknown persons as plaintiff. When contacted on Friday afternoon, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Uttara Division of Police Badrul Hasan confirmed that the case has been filed and said that no one has been arrested in this case yet. However, efforts are underway to arrest the people involved.

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