Many returned with anger not getting the opportunity to travel by Metrorail on Eid

Closed gate of metro rail station. Hundreds of people crowd in front of it. Son Tamjid was pulling father Sohag Ali’s hand to go in the same direction. He did not want to go back home without taking the train.

Sohag was comforting his son saying, ‘Father, the train will not run today. Do not see the gate closed. Siblings (other children and teenagers) are also leaving. We’ll come again tomorrow, then take the train, okay?’

But little Tamjid refuses to accept any of these. Sohag Ali took Tamjid in his arms at one stage to hold his son’s hand.

The incident happened around 2:30 p.m. on Sunday. Such a picture was seen in front of Agargaon station of Metrorail. Like Sohag Ali, many have returned after traveling by Metrorail with their wives, children and relatives.

Sohag Ali, who brought his family from North Badda, told Prothom Alo that he came to the station at a quarter past one and went near the Agargaon passport office and got a chance to stand in the queue. Then the line moved forward little by little and after about 45 minutes came to Agargaon junction. After that the station gate was closed.

On the day after Eid, more than four hundred people like Sohag Ali were seen returning to Agargaon station from their metro rail journey. According to the returnees, some of them stood in line to enter the station with their family members for one and a half to two hours. In the end they have to go back with a lot of disappointment not being able to board the metro rail. Especially children are not being understood.

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Around 1 am there was a long queue of people interested in metro rail travel in front of Agargaon station plaza. The line ran from in front of the station gate through Agargaon Junction to the passport office. A few people were still being allowed to enter the station through the gate. The entrance gate to the metro rail station was completely closed at around 1.30 pm.

At that time, the Ansar members inside and the officials of the Metrorail authority were telling the people standing in front of the gate that only those who are inside the platform can board the train at the scheduled time. Because only two more trains are scheduled to arrive till two o’clock. There is doubt whether these trains will have space for the passengers on the platform or not. So no one is allowed inside the station.

Everyone comes to have a good experience in Metrorail travel. But today everyone has to go back with a bad experience.

Sanaul Shikder, a resident of Khilgaon

Many people got excited after hearing such an announcement. Some of the Metrorail officials were being rude. Many people expressed their anger and said that no one will get a chance to board the train today, the Metrorail authorities could have told this earlier. There is no point in standing in line for hours. They blamed the lack of prudence of Metrorail officials for this.

Sanaul Shikder, a resident of Khilgaon, told Prothom Alo, “Everyone comes to have a good experience on the metro rail journey. But today everyone has to go back with a bad experience. Metrorail could have extended the running time a little more during the Eid holidays. I came and stood with my children, now they are saying to go back, it will not happen again today. He said that he reached Agargaon station around 12:30 noon with his wife and two children.

Nur Alam went to Agargaon Metrorail station with his wife, son, mother-in-law and sister-in-law from Jatrabari area of ​​the capital. He reached there at 12 noon. He was behind hundreds of people in the line around 1:30 p.m. Later, seeing the confusion in front of the closed gate, he left the line and came forward.

Noor Alam said to Prothom Alo, “I am standing in the queue for so long and no one said that I will not be able to board the train.” Now they say we will not get a chance to board the train today. They could have at least announced it earlier and let everyone know. Then we would not have to wait so long to come from so far.

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