Violence in West Bengal is not stopping

Violence has been raging in restive West Bengal for a week. There was a disturbance in Konngarh of Hooghly district today as well. Today, however, mainly BJP supporters clashed with the police. However, there was a major clash on Sunday in Rishara municipality of Hooghly district. So far, at least 10 people have been arrested in connection with the riots, internet services have been suspended for 24 hours and a ban (Section 144) on gatherings has been imposed in large areas of Hooghly district.

On March 30, processions and processions were held in various places of West Bengal on the occasion of the birthday of the Hindu god Ram. Clashes broke out during and after the procession in Shivpur of Howrah district near Kolkata. There were minor disturbances at several other places. However, a major conflict took place in North Bengal. At least one person was killed and several others injured in clashes last Thursday in Dalkhola area of ​​South Dinajpur in North Bengal.

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West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said that there is an attempt to create chaos in West Bengal and this attempt may take a bigger shape on April 6. That day is the birthday of another Hindu god Hanuman. Meanwhile, the Calcutta High Court has sent all the reports of the confusion surrounding Ramnavami to the state administration. West Bengal Governor CV Anand Bose said bullying will not be tolerated. Action will be taken against the accused persons. Union Home Minister Amit Shah sought details about the situation in West Bengal while talking to the Governor on the phone last Thursday.

West Bengal BJP President Sukant Majumder was stopped by the police while going to Rishra area of ​​Hooghly district of the state this morning. BJP alleged that he was prevented from reaching the spot by the police. His convoy was intercepted at Vishalakshitala on GT Road near Kolkata, police clashed with BJP workers. This incident is the result of the heavy clash that took place in Rishra yesterday. BJP workers were allegedly injured. Majumdar was going to see the injured workers.

Yesterday, Sunday, the BJP took out a Ram Navami procession from Bangur Park area of ​​Rishara. BJP leaders including former state president Dilip Ghosh were leading the procession. As soon as the procession reached Rishara’s Wellington Jute Mill, the disturbance started. Brick pelting, vandalism, arson also occur. A BJP MLA Biman Ghosh is injured and admitted to a hospital in Hooghly. Later the police under the leadership of Chandannagar Police Commissioner brought the situation under control. Today the situation in Rishadha is calm but slow. Shops are closed. A large number of police have been deployed. The police are appealing to Mike to maintain peace. Internet service has been stopped in several places including Rishara throughout the day today.

Sangsad Kalyan Bandyopadhyay of Srirampur said, “Permission was given for the Ramnavami procession, but nowhere did it say that Dilip Ghosh would come.” No one from Srirampur or Rishra is involved in this incident, a lot of people from outside have been brought in to create a mess. Dilip Ghosh was in the procession, but he walked out just before the trouble started…he created this situation.’

BJP president Sukant Majumder said, ‘BJP did not start the riot, our workers did not throw bombs. The police had to throw stones in self-defence because they were attacked. Later the Trinamool leaders got a call from the police and they fled the scene.

It is to be noted that even after five days of the end of Ram’s birth festival, the communal tension in West Bengal is not reducing. The unrest that started in Howrah district on March 30, is spreading to Hooghly after Howrah. The situation is tense in several parts of North Bengal as well as South Bengal. State Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee feels that this tension will increase in the next few days.

Mamata Banerjee said in a government function at Khejuri in East Medinipur today, “I am warning the administration about the April 6 date. They may plan to riot again. We have to see that it does not happen. That day is mainly the birthday of Lord Hanuman of North India. Recalling this, Mamata further said, “We all respect Bajrangbali (Hanuman) but do not support rioting… In Howrah, the procession was deliberately pushed into minority areas without permission.”

Addressing the Hindu community, Mamata said, “I will tell the Hindu brothers and sisters, you have to ensure the safety of the minorities.”

West Bengal CPIM General Secretary Mohammed Saleem blamed the chief minister for the riots of the past few days and said that people’s grievances against the Trinamool Congress have reached their final stage and they are on their way. The Trinamool and the BJP have planned riots by colluding to divert attention from the issues that people are taking to the streets, said Salim.

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