Dr. Fate could be omnipotent, however, he had rather a lot happening in his mano-a-mano battle with Sabbac.

His powers had been drained preserving the power area and Justice Society out of the fray, regardless of their efforts to bust out.

Dr. Fate additionally despatched thoughts and messages rousing Black Adam to bust out of jail and assist.

He is doing all of these issues directly and that weakens him, his powers are cut up, says director Jaume Collet-Serra.

However, the capper is the future-seeing Dr. Fate altering the longer term to his personal detriment.

He had foreseen Hawkman dying in battle, however in the end he altered that future and took the blow.

"Dr. Fate turned that right into a future the place he died as a substitute, sacrificed himself so Hawkman may dwell," Collet-Serra says.

He probably may have crushed Sabbac.

With Dr. Fate's omnipotent helmet eliminated, Brosnan offers a glance of resignation earlier than Sabbac offers a remaining dying blow.