What to do if the phone is stolen, where to go

Not even a momentary thought can be done without a mobile phone. Every time you look at the mobile phone screen, you don’t look at your own face in the mirror. What to do if that beloved mobile phone is lost or stolen? Where do you go?

What to do if your smartphone is lost or stolen? The owner of Saim Plus and Saim Telecom in the capital. Kamal Hossain told ‘You must save the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) while buying the phone. You will find the 15-digit IMEI number on the packaging or box of your mobile phone. It should be written down somewhere. This number is very important to locate a lost or stolen phone. Better to keep iPhone or Android-powered smartphone locked. As a result, if the mobile phone is lost, a general diary (GD) can be easily filed at the police station.

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What to do with iPhone

Go to this website and enter your Apple ID. Then your device will show. Now by turning on the lost and erase mode, the data will be saved and the location of the phone will also be known (location tracking).

In the case of Android phones

In case of Android smartphones, general diary should be done with IMEI and mobile number. The next responsibility is the law enforcement agencies.

Rafiqul Islam, officer-in-charge of Rampura police station in the capital, told Prothom Alo that if the mobile phone is lost, the person who lost the mobile phone can report it to the nearest police station. Apart from this anyone can easily do GD online now. National identity card must be required for GD.

Rafiqul Islam said that a case can be filed if the phone is stolen or stolen. He said, “If there is IMEI, it is good, if not, we can find it with the help of technology.” We can solve about 80 percent of the complaints.

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