Why Newcastle can’t buy Ronaldo-Neymar?

Although there is still some time left for the end of the season, there have been rumors about the change of team. Lionel Messi’s trip to Saudi Arabia seems to have brought the heat of party change a little earlier. Although not in the center of discussion like Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo is not far behind. Rumors of Ronaldo leaving the club are heard less than 6 months after coming to Al Nasr in Saudi Arabia.

Recently, several European media reported that Ronaldo is going to leave Saudi Arabia and return to England. Where his potential destination is Newcastle, a club in great form in the Premier League. Not only Ronaldo, PSG’s Brazilian star Neymar is also rumored to be joining the ‘Magpie’ camp. The coach of the club, Eddie Howe, has opened up about the arrival of these two in Newcastle. Said they want to bring the right player to the club, not the big name.

After a Saudi company bought Newcastle in 2021, various rumors started about the club. It is believed that the club will reach out to the stars. So far they have not given any surprises, but they have prepared themselves. They are currently at number 3 in the Premier League points table after 33 matches. They have a great chance to play in the Champions League next season. Meanwhile, the news of stars like Ronaldo-Neymar coming to the club has come to the fore.

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When asked about this, Newcastle coach Howe said, “They are the best players in the world.” We can’t even come close to being able to afford them. At present we are not in a position to pay their transfer fees and salaries. So we have to find young players and develop them.

Eddy said that he wants to buy the right player, “There have been rumors since the new owner took charge of the club. Naturally, everyone thought then that the big stars were going to come to Newcastle. Now we are not taking players in that process. Economically, we cannot buy players like this at the moment. We would rather bring the right player into the team.

Referring to the complex transfer market, Howe said, ‘It is difficult to make decisions in the transfer market. There is a lot to think about here. You can’t just pick anyone.’

Howe also said about the inclusion of star players in the team, ‘I am not sure who is talking to. These questions are difficult to answer. Devolution is still a long way off and secondary at the moment. I am concentrating on practice. It is difficult to predict where we will be next year until we know.

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